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Tuesday February 9th, 2016 | 7:29 pm

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Welcome to, the most realistic and exciting virtual horse racing game on the Internet! For over thirteen years has been providing horse racing fans of all ages with an unparalleled virtual horse racing experience. All members manage their very own stable of Thoroughbred race horses with the ability to breed, train and race their way to victory! Equination is the only online horse racing game developed and maintained by a retired jockey and is free, family-friendly and enjoyable for everyone from dedicated horse racing enthusiasts to newcomers to the world of horses.

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Recent Graded Stake Race Results
Damoiselles Super Sprint - Grade III
6 Furlongs on Turf - $300,000
Four & Five-Year-Olds - Fillies & Mares - Final Time: 1:08.62

1st Place - Nycosia Phoenix - 126.82
Owned By: Phoenix Reach

2nd Place - Cool Shades Baby - 126.67
Owned By: King Bee

3rd Place - Tashkent Decoy - 126.40
Owned By: Greenpark Turf Derby

Latest Racing News

Training Center & Racing Updates
Written By: Jacklyn Wyatt on January 1st, 2015
Effective December 30th, 2014, the Training Center has undergone a dramatic change from previous times and a new stat has been introduced into the game: Injury Risk. This page will provide details on the new changes.

Injury Risk
The new Injury Risk stat is visible to all Premium Members and indicates how much at risk a horse is to become injured when they race. The higher the number, the higher the risk. A horse with a very low injury risk is still slightly at risk of an injury - much like before this feature was introduced. A horse with a high injury risk level may be not be injured if luck is on their side. A horse's injury risk will always increase with racing and strenuous training.

Injury Risk will lower by 1% each night during the Health/Energy Update at 8:30 pm EST/game time.

Aside from providing horses with rest, Injury Risk can be lowed through easy training. The easy training methods that will help lower the injury risk will be described below.

No More Weekly Training Limitations
One of the most significant changes with the new Training Center is the ability for stables to train their horses multiple times a week, if desired. Previously, horses were limited to train once per week and training reset every Sunday for every horse. Now, provided a horse has sufficient Health and Energy levels, they may train multiple times a week, if desired.

New Training Options
The training options available in the Training Center have received an upgrade. Earlier in this season the Breaking In feature was removed and horse preferences are now automatically displayed on horse information pages. This eliminated an extra training step for yearlings to give everyone more time to prep their horses.

Below are the different training categories and what has changed with them, how they will affect Health/Energy, Form and Injury Risk:

Workouts - Breezing
Previously, breezing workouts merely lowered a horse's workout rating by up to 5pts. This is changing with the new Training Center. The Breeze option will no longer lower a horse's workout rating. It will now provide an easier workout option compared to the Handily workout where the rider will simply let the horse stretch its legs and not push them to work hard. It will only slightly improve form - ideal for horses who are in peak form. It will continue to help improve a horse's stats and will increase a horse's Injury Risk.

Workouts - Handily
Handily workouts will continue to affect horses similarly to before. They will provide the most potential improvement to form with shorter (2-3 Furlongs) and longer (6 Furlongs+) distances providing greater benefit to form. This is also the most intense training method and can impact Injury Risk the most, especially with shorter and longer workouts.

Workouts - Short Distances
Short distance workouts are considered 2 and 3 Furlongs. These workouts are great building blocks for young horses, horses coming off of injuries and layoffs and those who need some sharpening up. These do not provide long term fitness or stamina and can increase injury risk of used improperly. Too frequent use of these workouts can significantly increase risk of injury and affect the impact a race will have on the horse.

Workouts - Middle Distances
Middle distance workouts are considered 4 and 5 Furlongs. These average workouts will evenly affect all areas of a horse. They can be a bit too much for horses coming off of injuries but will overall provide a more even and moderate improvement in all areas. While it will still increase injury risk, it provides less impact than short and long distance workouts.

Workouts - Long Distances
Long distance workouts are considered 6 furlongs to 1 mile. These longer workouts are beneficial to give your horse more stamina and boost form. They can be tiring and hard on a horse, though, and can increase injury risk if used improperly.

Workouts - From the Pole
Pole workouts will continue to be workouts that do not involve the starting gate.

Workouts - From the Gate
Gate workouts provide a horse's running style and teach them how to use the starting gate. These workouts should not be used too frequently, as horses can have bad experiences and risk injury being inside of the starting gate itself.

Workouts Bottom Line: Workouts will reduce a horse's Health and Energy levels by 3 to 5 points each. Easier and shorter workouts will provide less health/energy reduction.

Gallop - Light Gallop
A light gallop is a very easy session with minimal impact on stats, form and injury risk.

Gallop - Moderate Gallop
A moderate gallop will provide a greater improvement to stats and form than the light gallop option. It will also impact injury risk slightly more.

Gallop - Strong Gallop
A strong gallop is when the horse will train harder than the other two gallops but not quite as hard as a workout. It will provide greater improvements than the moderate gallop and impact injury risk slightly more.

Gallop Bottom Line: Gallops will reduce a horse's Health and Energy levels by 3 to 4 points each. They are a small step below workouts and do not provide a rating in the end. If Light gallops are used too frequently in a row without the use of harder training methods when actively racing a horse, the horse may develop a very high injury risk due to the light training.

The three jog options will include: Light Jog, Average Jog and Strong Jog. These jogging options provide minimal impact on stats and form, with Average providing slightly greater impact than Light and Strong providing slightly greater impact than Average. These methods will assist in lowering injury risk. However, if these methods are used too frequently without being balanced with more strenuous training methods, the horse may develop a very high risk for injury from racing.

Jogging will reduce a horse's Health and Energy levels by 2 to 4 points.

There are three swim options available of: Brief Swim, Average Swim and Long Swim. The swimming option is similar to jogging with the Average Swim being more impactful than a Brief Swim and a Long Swim provides more impact than an Average Swim. These methods provide minimal impact on stats and form and will assist in lowering injury risk. Also similarly to jogging, this method should not be used too frequently without being balanced by more strenuous training methods if a horse is actively racing as it may increase their risk of injury.

Swimming will reduce a horse's Health and Energy levels by 2 to 4 points.

Turnout - Round Pen Turnout
The round pen turnout option reduces Health and Energy by 5 points each. It provides a quicker turnaround than the other turnout options. It will help to improve form, lower injury risk and will only slightly lower a horse's stats.

Turnout - Paddock Turnout
The paddock turnout option reduces Health and Energy by 10 points each, requiring a horse to be at least at 11/11 to use the feature. It provides a much greater improvement to form and lowers injury risk more than round pen turnout. However, a horses' stats will be reduced more than round pen training.

Turnout - Layoff
The layoff option reduces Health and Energy to 1/1 and requires a horse to have 20/20 Health/Energy to use. It will completely refresh form and injury risk and reduce a horse's stats more than paddock turnout.

Yearling Gallop - This will be the equivalent of a Light Gallop for older horses. It will reduce a horse's Health and Energy levels by 4 points each.

Yearling Jog - The yearling jog option will provide all of the same options that older horses have for jogging and will reduce a horse's Health and Energy levels by 2 to 4 points.

Easy Training Methods & Racing
There are a series of training methods that are considered to be "easy" methods. If these methods are used too frequently without the use of other training methods, it will increase a horse's injury risk when they race. Considered to be a light training method are: short distance workouts, light gallops, all jog types, all swim types and all turnout types. If you are actively racing a horse, it is advised to use average or longer workouts or stronger gallops every so often to change up your workout routine and provide your horse with the proper fitness they need to compete. The more easy sessions in a row your have with your horse without using a different training method, the higher at risk your horse will be to receive a significant injury risk from a race.

Yearling & Two-Year-old Preparations
Yearlings can freely train with the jogging and light gallop options. The harder a yearling is trained during their early days, the higher their injury risk may be when they become a two-year-old.

Two-year-olds must train using an easy or light training method during the first seven days of the season. They may train using workouts up to 4 Furlongs in distance. Any further than that may be too hard on them that early in their careers.

Racing & Form Consistency
Improvements were made to our race scripts to help provide greater consistency with a horse's form and how they exit races. Previously, stables noticed significant drops in form form their horses and we have made adjustments to help improve the form alterations from races.

If the current race the horse is running in is their second race in a row, their form will drop significantly.

If the current race the horse is running in is their third race in a row or more, their form will drop to be no higher than 15%.

If the horse has had too many easy/light training sessions in a row - regardless of any races in between those training sessions - they will be at risk of their form dropping with each subsequent easy training session.

If the horse has been injured in a race, their form will drop.

Provided the horse has positive experience in the race, their form will maintain or improve. Horses can still go "over the top" if their form was very high in the race to begin with but the drop back down will not be as severe as it was previously.

More Racing News

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