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Monday December 22nd, 2014 | 9:13 pm

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Welcome to, the most realistic and exciting virtual horse racing game on the Internet! For over thirteen years has been providing horse racing fans of all ages with an unparalleled virtual horse racing experience. All members manage their very own stable of Thoroughbred race horses with the ability to breed, train and race their way to victory! Equination is the only online horse racing game developed and maintained by a retired jockey and is free, family-friendly and enjoyable for everyone from dedicated horse racing enthusiasts to newcomers to the world of horses.

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Recent Graded Stake Race Results
Cardinal Classic (GII) - 5-1/2 Furlongs on Turf - $600,000
Three-Year-Olds - Final Time: 1:02.08
1st - Urna - Owned By: Via Fortuna - 127.52
2nd - Fiddler's Zombie - Owned By: Faded Sun Farms - 126.62
3rd - Wafting ST - Owned By: Desmond Lee2 - 125.70
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Brand New Breeding Center, Stallion Grading and Much More!
Written By: Jacklyn Wyatt on October 2nd, 2014

With the start of the October to December 2014 season also comes the release of a slew of updates around We are continuously striving to create a more interactive and enjoyable experience here at and now there are many new features and aestetic updates to improve your game play. This update includes a slew of back-end improvements that you may not see but may improve site speed and loading times, as well as implemented many bug-fixes and introduced some exciting new features!

Brand New Breeding Center!
The biggest change you may notice is the new and improved Breeding Center. We have changed the way you will manage your stallions and broodmares with many great new features. The biggest addition is the new Stallion Grading. With Stallion Grading, you will now be able to assess your stallions' breeding abilities for a fee. Graded stallions will receive a grade from A+ to E+, which will be displayed on their pages for all to see. A+ stallions have the best probability of helping your foal become all that it can be and E+, while they still can produce great foals, have much lower probability rate. There is also a Graded Stallion Registry available, which will allow you to search through all the stallions who have been graded and find their breeding availability. Fees for this are available on the grading page and reduce over time and as stallions sire more foals.

All stallions will need to be registered each season from now on in order to be eligible for both private, in-house, and public breeding. Stallions can be registered for private breeding for the season at $50,000 each and to place these stallions on the public registry for others to breed to will cost a one-time per season fee of $100,000. If you register your stallion for both at once, the fee is reduced to only a total of $125,000, saving you $25,000.

The management of stallions and broodmares has become a lot more easier in terms of setting and updating fees. We have also added restrictions to allow you to set minimum requirements that other horses must meet in order to breed with your horse. More information about these restrictions and how you can set them are available here.

Private Breeding Offers also received a facelift and some of the existing bugs with multiple breeding offers disappearing after one is used have been eliminated. There should be a far better experience with this feature for Second-Tier Premium Members from now on.

Additional Updates & Fixes
A number of other areas received updates including a revamped Private Horse Sale experience, brand new Join page, Turf Club/Stakes Club payments for next season direct on the page have been resolved, Sales/Purchase history name bug was resolved and the Apply EQ Credits, Account Upgrade and many other pages received a facelift. Equination as a whole received a new look and feel to all drop down menus and input boxes and large tables will now be far more mobile-friendly. The Enter A Race button on horse information pages has been updated to display a proper range of races for two-year-olds (all $60k to Listed Stake level races) and will also automatically pre-select your horse for entry so you don't have to remember who it is you're trying to get into a race. In the Training Center, premium members will also be able to set a pre-defined number of slots to display when training multiple horses - anywhere from 1 to 10! - without having to add a new slot each time.

Site Optimization
This is an ongoing project for us at - to find areas to speed up to make your game-play faster and easier. We have made a lot of head-way with this release to improve a number of areas and will be continuing to improve others. If you notice a page that is particularly slow, please feel free to let us know.

Future Features
We also have a number of features and improvements still to come! Another release is in the works and may come sooner than expected. We will be introducing a very comprehensive expense report to allow stables to track their income and expenses of their stable. There will also be a "Match-Maker" service become available in the breeding center later this season to allow stables to submit one horse and have the game find a list of appropriate matches available both in your own stable and in the public registry. These and many more updates should be coming to EQ soon!

If you notice any technical issues with the new release, or have any questions or concerns, please feel free to let us know either on the message boards or by submitting a technical support ticket.

Best of luck in the races!

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