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Sunday April 20th, 2014 | 10:08 am

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Welcome to, the most realistic and exciting virtual horse racing game on the Internet! For over twelve years has been providing horse racing fans of all ages with an unparalleled virtual horse racing experience. All members manage their very own stable of Thoroughbred race horses with the ability to breed, train and race their way to victory! Equination is the only online horse racing game developed and maintained by an ex-jockey and is free, family-friendly and enjoyable for everyone from dedicated horse racing enthusiasts to newcomers to the world of horses.

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Three-Year-Olds - Final Time: 1:53.96
1st - War Of The Wanted - Owned By: Dixieland Stables - 130.78
2nd - Border Abyss - Owned By: Desert Star Stables - 127.85
3rd - Trading Danger For Chaos - Owned By: Elani Acres - 127.70
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Important Changes & Improvements Coming April 1st, 2014
Written By: Jacklyn Wyatt on March 28th, 2014

Along with the new season here at, April 1st marks a momentous day in as we move forward with some big changes in place. These changes are extremely important and will impact everyone, so please read on for details. We will be undergoing a Conference Amalgamation, a Race Schedule Adjustment, an introduction of Breeding Shipping Fees, as well as an increase in Out-Of-Conference Race Shipping Fees. We will also undergo changes with Weekly Day Rates and Stake Race Nomination Fees. Additionally, we have a number of new features in store to improve your experience here at

The primary goal of the changes coming to EQ are to assist in rebuilding the foundation of our economy. The Equination Dollar (EQD) has little value in today's game as it is very easy to accumulate and is not removed from the game. This causes a snowball effect as the money circulates between accounts, accumulating constantly and rarely diminishing. The new fees that will be imposed in the game are going to create a strong demand for the EQD and significantly slow down the amount that is added into the game via races, which is going to resolve our economical issues and create a far better playing experience for everyone.

The Conference Amalgamation is the biggest change that will be coming into EQ. The Japan conference is presently one of the smallest conferences in the game and will be amalgamating with the United States of America conference, effective April 1st. For all stables currently residing in the Japan conference, you may notice that as you try to enter races for the new season, only United States of America races are showing up. Once this season concludes and we have established the Annual Awards and Annual Championship Races, all Japan stables will be transferred into the United States of America conference.

Once the amalgamation is complete, all stables residing in the United States of America conference will have the ability to move to any other conference of their choosing at no cost. You can do this by clicking the Change Conference link in the My Stable > Edit Stable Details menu. Once the membership numbers even out amongst the conferences, the feature - which has long been available to all users at no cost - will be disabled.

Included in the amalgamation will be the adjustment of a conference name. The Australia conference will henceforth be referred to as the Australasia conference.

In addition to the removal of a conference we will also see a significant change in our daily racing schedule. Mondays will now be a "dark day" and not offer any races at any level in any conference. Each conference needs two dark days a week of racing. In order to assist stables with their nominations for Graded Stakes and eliminating the possibility of qualifying for a graded event via earnings garnered on the Monday, it was decided to eliminate Monday from the card. The remaining dark days for each conference, which days will host which non-winner conditions and which levels are available on each day, please visit the Racing Calendar in the Racing Office > Racing Info menu. The April 1st, 2014 and on schedule is available at the bottom.

The removal of a conference will eliminate $1 Billion in EQD that is pumped into the economy each season. We have also greatly reduced some excess races in other areas to help curb the extra money being put into the game needlessly. There has been talk that the post times of races may change. For the foreseeable future, the post times will not be changing.

Out Of Conference Shipping Fees are being increased. Until now, all races held a $1,000 shipping fee. Effective April 1st, all races will hold a higher shipping fee. Allowance and Listed Stake level races will both have $20,000 shipping fees to race outside of your conference. All Claiming and Optional Claiming races will boast a shipping fee that is 10% of the claiming price. For example, an Optional Claiming $80,000 race will have a $8,000 shipping fee and a $50,000 Claiming race would have a $5,000 shipping fee. This fee is non-refundable upon scratching.

Breeding Shipping Fees are being introduced, also. The base breeding fees will be increasing to accommodate this new feature. All in-house breedings will remain at $10,000. If you breed to a horse on the public or premium breeding boards that is located within your conference, there will be a $15,000 base breeding fee. If you breed to a horse on the public or premium boards, or to a horse privately offered to you, which is located outside of your conference, you will be charged a $35,000 base breeding and shipping fee. Second-Tier Premium Member accounts owned by the same person (and are linked) will be exempt from the out-of-conference fee and will only pay the regular base breeding fee associated with private breeding offers.

Weekly Day Rates will also be adjusted. A single day in real life is essentially four days in EQ time. This means each week works out to roughly 28 days. In real life, at top tracks, the average day rate with decent trainers is approximately $80/day per horse. We will be adjusting to reflect this for horses located in main stables. Breeding stable horses will cost $50/day. This will work out to $2,240/week per horse in the Main Stable and $1,400/week per horse in the Breeding Stable. There will be relief for stables who are in certain financial categories.

Stables with $10 Million EQD or more will pay the full price. Stables with $5 Million to $10 Million will be charged 65% of the total day rate. Stables with $1 Million to $5 Million will be charged 50% of the day rate. For stables with less than $1 Million, they will be charged a little differently. If a stable has exactly $1 Million in their account, they will be charged 45% of the day rate for the week. However, if they have less than $1 Million, they will only pay the percentage of their amount in $1 Million against the 45%. For example, if a stable has $500,000 they will only have to pay 50% of that 45%. If the rate for $1 Million worked out to $189,000 for the week and a stable had only $500,000 in their account, they would only have to pay 50% of that $189,000, which works out to $94,500. This change will be effective for the first weekend of the new season - April 5th/6th.

Graded Stake Race Nomination Fees, for non-EQ Credit races, will also receive an adjustment. Up until now the fees have been as follows: Grade III was $5,000 per horse, Grade II was $10,000 per horse and Grade I was $25,000 per horse. The new fees will be 5% of the total purse of the race. A $250,000 race will boast a $12,500 nomination fee. A $1 Million race will boast a $50,000 nomination fee. All nomination fees, as they currently are, will be non-refundable.

In addition to all the new fees and conference changes, Equination also has some great new features coming into play next season - especially for breeding.

Effective April 1st, everyone will be able to specify quantity when sending private breeding offers to other stables. This will allow stables to specify how many breedings the recipient can use of their stallion without the need to issue multiple offers of a single stallion to the same stable. This feature has not been fully tested, however, so we ask for everyone's assistance in debugging this feature once it is released.

Also effective April 1st will be the introduction of sponsored breeding board ads. We will be offering 5 slots each day where stables, on a first-come, first-serve basis, will be able to advertise their stallion's or broodmare's breeding services. There will be a fee of 2 EQ Credits per day per horse and optional post additions are available such as: displaying a headshot image of your horse, setting a background highlight color and even creating a customized headline for all to see. There will be 5 stallion and 5 broodmare slots available and all 5 ads will be displayed prominently at the very top of every page of the public/premium breeding boards. To take advantage of this feature once breeding is open, click on the Sponsored Listings link in the My Horses > Breeding Center menu.

We are working on a few other new features and additions to the game for the April to June 2014 season. Be sure to keep checking the Message Boards for updates direct from Administration. All questions and concerns can be submitted to

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