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Friday September 30th, 2016 | 2:33 pm

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Recent Graded Stake Race Results World Cup - Grade I
1-1/2 Miles on Dirt - $1,750,000
Four & Five-Year-Olds - Final Time: 2:26.83

1st Place - Azzurite - 127.70
Owned By: Believe In You Acres

2nd Place - Blue Gemstone - 127.51

3rd Place - Just A Rocket - 126.85
Owned By: Desmond Lee2

Marigold Marathon

Latest Racing News

51st $1,500,000 Mile Preview
Written By: Rondick on September 6th, 2016 mile will be held this Saturday (10th Sept) and the track condition will be “fast”. There was a prelude race for this grade 1 stake, which is Another Dust Ball Mile held on 17th August, Wednesday (the distance and surface are same as Mile). The 1st (Gold Chip Conda), 3rd (Rifleman), 4th (To The Extreme), 7th (Jiminy Jikillers), 13th (Damonfeuer) & 16th (Cajun ZA Collins) of Another Dust Ball Mile, would also join the contest this Saturday.

(2) Gold Chip Conda (Conda Farms) was the winner of the prelude race, Another Dust Ball Mile. Definitely, it still has a very optimistic chance to win Saturday’s race. The recent 2 races’ ratings were very decent due to further improvement after “entering” mid-4-years old. (10) Rifleman (Cat lodge), placed the 3rd in Another Dust Ball Mile. His performance in the Champagne Mile was also not bad, placing the 6th (slightly impaired by the track condition). He is always ready and fit to race in grade stakes and his performance is quite steady over the season. (4) Raw Sienna (Abstract Racing) has just finished his race few days ago and the rating was very satisfactory. He also placed the 2nd in the credit championship early this season. In summary, his performances during the recent 3 races were particularly spectacular. (6) Redd’s Epsilon (Greenpark) is another horse that I would not look down on. Though he only ranked the 14th in Champagne Mile due to the very wet track, his performance on fast track is incredible and can constantly achieve rating of above 128.00. The track condition this Saturday really suits him and he will definitely perform well.

(8) Celebrations (Desmond Lee 2) placed the 5th in Champagne Mile. One of his achievements was achieving rating higher than 130 for twice this season. Therefore, he should not left behind also. (14) Fire Emblem (Peach Grove Stables) also attained high ratings over the recent 2 races because he definitely shows improvement over this season. If he can keep up with the good work, he still has chance to place within the “first three”. Last but not least, for (7) Perfectly Country, he also shows very decent rating recently. His performance during the most recent race is especially valued as the field for that listed stake was quite large. This time, he will race at the upper limit in terms of his preference distance.

After talking about the 7 horses which I possess a rather optimistic view, I will now turn to other contestants. Let’s talk about the runners in Another Dust Ball Mile first. (1) Jiminy Jikillers (Magnum Racing) gains the most earnings this season among all the participants. He only placed the 7th in Another Dust Ball Mile though previously, he won beautifully in the Overall Championship earlier this season on the wet track. If he can make a breakthrough in the rating this Saturday, he can also get a very satisfactory ranking. (11) To the extreme (Starry Knight Stables) shows very steady performance in all races during this season, which can be reflected from the race ratings of his recent 5 races. He placed the 4th in the Another Dust Ball Mile, what he needs is just a breakthrough of the race rating. (13) Brother Bear R&D (Rondick) has never raced in any grade stake before. His most remarkable achievement this season is achieving 129.00 in late July’s race. He can usually show more of his potential if the competitors get stronger. Another special point to note is that he has raced the fewest races over his lifetime among all contestants. (9) Given Up (Rivendell Racers) also showed a steady performance this season. He particularly did a good job in the large-field allowance race on 29th July, ranking the 3rd among the 9 participants, beating another participant of Mile, Dysart.

Then, I will move forward to talk about 6 horses that I regard as having smaller chances to get higher rank in the stake this Saturday. (12) Damonfeuer (Emperial Acres Racing) just finished the recent race 4 days before the mile (Tuesday, 6th September). His health and energy level can only be restored to around 15/15 level probably, which is definitely not well-prepared for racing in the grade stake. This season, he has joined 2 grade stakes and performed slightly disappointing in Another Dust Ball Mile. (2) Cajun Za Collins (Courvilles Racing) won the Europe Championship with eye-catching rating of above 130.00. However, his race rating is quite fluctuated and his performance in the Another Dust Ball Mile was definitely disappointing due to the fact that before the grade 2 stake, the workout training was extremely unsatisfactory. (5) Dysart (AAA Horse Stable) has performed quite well in the Credit Championship and ranked the 4th. However, the rating he achieved in that race was not too high and his performances in subsequent few races were also not quite special. (16) Redd’s street respect (Redd Raven Acres II)’s performance over the season was only so-so. (17) Downwind Conda (Finally Farm) raced a little bit too frequent this season. He showed a significant improvement on wet track during the most recent race. However, I fear that the improvement is only one-off. If he can keep up with the good work, he still has chance to get a better rank in the race this Saturday.

Last but not least, I will talk about (15) Robo Girl (Windchill Stables). She is the only female representative in the race and I strongly think that no matter what rank she can finally achieve this Saturday, she has already done a very good job with getting the enough rating to be a qualified entrant as the game over-reflects the reality: male horses significantly outperform female in all open races, even worse, nearly without exception! Therefore, we can expect that she will not show a good performance in mile. In addition, she also did not perform well even when she only needed to face other mares in the Distaff last month. All in all, she merely plays a role of participation in coming Saturday’s race.

In conclusion, this Saturday race is going to be quite exciting and the competition will be very intense. I believe many contestants can show a very decent rating in the race and let’s see who will be the final winner of this G1 stake!

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Today's Top 15 Ratings
  1. Hannes - 130.85
  2. Whistling Zip - 130.01
  3. Take That Chance - 129.40
  4. Blue Suede Shoes ZAR - 129.33
  5. Beretta M9 - 129.19
  6. Rushonasleigh - 128.81
  7. Prince Hector - 128.80
  8. Drop the Mic - 128.80
  9. Venetian Cat - 128.76
  10. Dialogue Conda - 128.44
  11. Once and Future King - 128.10
  12. Suave Izar - 127.85
  13. Azzurite - 127.70
  14. FS Tymzup - 127.60
  15. Azar GB - 127.55
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