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Thursday October 27th, 2016 | 10:24 pm

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Recent Graded Stake Race Results
Russian Roulette Stakes - Grade III
6-1/2 Furlongs on Dirt - $350,000
Six-Year-Olds and Up - Fillies & Mares - Final Time: 1:15.21

1st Place - Fraclaw - 125.16
Owned By: Desmond Lee2

2nd Place - JAUNTER - 123.86

3rd Place - HHH Mariposa - 123.49
Owned By: Triple H Stables

Hershey Kiss Classic

Latest Racing News

The Past Season Filly Triple Crown Summary
Written By: Rondick on October 25th, 2016 does not provide many “mares-only” grade I stakes for 4yo or up female horses. Luckily, there are still quite many G1 stakes for fillies, such as the triple crown races.

  1. Filly, Dirt triple crown:
    1. oaks 30 July, 2016 (Sat) Track condition: Muddy Distance:1.25M

      The track was very wet and performances of many participants were dwarfed by the track condition.
      1st: Revealing Quest 125.00 (Islandburt) Time: 2:00:05
      The performances in the two grade I stakes after the Oaks were not special and she could not keep up with the good work.
      2nd: Natale 124.89 (Emperial Acres Racing)
      Lose by a small margin in the Oaks. She also performed badly in Daisy Cup but won 3 races later
      3rd: Kooraloo 124.30 (Raz Oz)
      Won 4 races after the Oaks and she could maintain the rating of 125.00 steadily.
    2. Sunshine Stake 13 August, 2016(Sat) Track condition: Fast Distance: 1+3/16 Mile

      1st: Flag 126.36 (Gemini Farm) Time: 1:54:31
      Though she won beautifully in the Sunshine Stake, she performed poorly in the Daisy Cup
      2nd: Purple Princess 125.97 (Rowdy Racing 23)
      She is definitely a very high quality mare which it achieved 127.24 & 127.80 rating in the 2 allowance races after the Sunshine Stake. I have high expectation on her future performances.
      3rd: Midnight Notes 125.95 (Greenpark)
      Lose the first-runner up by a nose. She won an allowance on 21 August. In September, she attempted an open race and raced with the male, which the rating achieved was not bad.
    3. Daisy Cup 3 Sept, 2016(Sat) Track condition: Fast Distance:1.5M

      The high achievers of the race are possibly future world cup contestants (though they may probably find it difficult to compete with the male)
      1st: Western City 125.11 (Oak tree racing) Time:2:26:22
      Placed 3rd in 3 consecutive races after the Daisy Cup
      2nd: Aiming for the sky 124.70 (Newborn Stars Stables)
      The ratings achieved before and after the Daisy cup were not too competitive
      3rd: Stitcha Kiss 124.55 (Leafs Fan Stables)
      She maintained a steady rating of 123-124 late last season as well as early this season
  2. Filly Turf triple crown:
    1. turf oak 6 August, 2016(Sat) Track condition: Firm Distance:1.25M

      The race was newly established and the quality of the race was marvelous!
      1st: Fashions a Field 127.43 (Four winds park) Time: 1:59:04
      The rating she achieved in the Oak was spectacular and she dominated the race with ease. However, due to inadequate training after the race, she performed badly in Pink Bonnet Stakes. Even worse, after Pink Bonnet Stakes, she did not show up in any training or races. I do not know the reasons behind but hope she will show up in the races again as she is really a high quality mare.
      2nd: Kajun IJ Gadroon 126.13 (courvilles farm)
      Besides performing well in the Oaks, she won the Pink Bonnet Stake later (2nd leg). However, her performance this season was sluggish
      3rd: Pals of Diamanti 125.44 (Islandburt)
      She achieved a high rating of 126.16 in the allowance race on 2nd October.
    2. Pink Bonnet Stakes 20 August, 2016 (Sat) Track condition: Firm Distance:1+3/16M

      1st: Kajun IJ Gadroon 127.48 (courvilles farm) Time: 1:53:03
      As mentioned above, besides getting the 2nd in the turf oaks, she also won the Pink Bonnet Stakes with an eye-catching rating.
      2nd: Terra Pericolosa 124.70 (Rivendell Racers)
      She won 5 consecutive races after the Pink Bonnet Stake and achieved a very high rating of 127.46 in the allowance race on 14th September.
      3rd: Speewa 124.60 (AAA Horse Stable)
      Her rating in the Pink Bonnet Stake was not special. After the race, not much improvement can be seen up to this moment
    3. Goldikova Classic 10 Sept, 2016(Sept) Track condition: Good Distance:1.5M

      This race was also newly established (like first leg: Turf Oaks).
      1st: Rocking Success 124.85 (Rowdy Racing 23) Time: 2:25:09
      The winning rating was not too good. In the listed stake on 21st September, she won the with high rating of 126.65.
      2nd: TCF between black and white 123.95 (Three Chimneys Stud)
      Her performance was not special before and after the Goldikova Classic.
      3rd: Amendment 123.70 (Desmond Lee 2)
      Just got the third place by winning the 4th horse by a nose. This season, she showed improvement and achieved high rating of 126 or above constantly.

More Racing News

Today's Top 15 Ratings
  1. Viareggio - 129.33
  2. Broken Field - 129.18
  3. Plie - 128.25
  4. Cats Coorinoora - 128.14
  5. KAJUN HC LIADAIN - 127.50
  6. Sparkling Maxi Sendoff - 127.50
  7. Stop Speaking - 127.44
  8. Riled - 127.40
  9. Bad Leroy Brown - 127.26
  10. Private Fire - 127.25
  11. LPE Agrapha - 127.05
  12. Sleigh Power - 126.96
  13. French Beer - 126.85
  14. Zip Lite - 126.85
  15. Archenemy - 126.83
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