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Friday August 26th, 2016 | 7:54 am

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Welcome to, the most realistic and exciting virtual horse racing game on the Internet! For over thirteen years has been providing horse racing fans of all ages with an unparalleled virtual horse racing experience. All members manage their very own stable of Thoroughbred race horses with the ability to breed, train and race their way to victory! Equination is the only online horse racing game developed and maintained by a retired jockey and is free, family-friendly and enjoyable for everyone from dedicated horse racing enthusiasts to newcomers to the world of horses.

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Recent Graded Stake Race Results
Bella Bellucci Stakes - Grade II
1-1/8 Miles on Dirt - $400,000
Two-Year-Olds - Fillies & Mares - Final Time: 1:48.9

1st Place - Prelude To Panic - 118.41
Owned By: Flying High Stables

2nd Place - Artemisia - 118.40
Owned By: Emperial Acres Racing

3rd Place - UNUMGAR - 117.55

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19 New Graded Stakes, Claiming Changes & More!
Written By: Jacklyn Wyatt on July 1st, 2016

A brand new season is upon us here at and with it comes a lot of exciting changes and additions! In case you missed it, we had a live video announcement on our Facebook Page outlining a slew of stake schedule additions and claiming race adjustments, plus some details were revealed surrounding our new platform that is in the works.

All four-year-old and upward mare races are going to be adjusted to strictly four and five-year-old mares only, which is what sparked the addition of the six-year-old and up mare races. While in discussions to add those races, we saw the opportunity to provide even more fillies and mares with some fantastic graded stake opportunities. We are very excited to be adding 19 new stake races to the schedule, plus one existing stake is going to receive an upgrade. There will be eight stakes added for two-year-old fillies, which will be run over the course of two "Filly Friday" cards that we'll have during the final month of the season. Eight stake races will also be added to the schedule during the first two months of the season for six-year-old and up mares.

We are also very excited to introduce a Turf Triple Tiara series for three-year-old fillies. The series will run alongside the Turf Triple Crown and a prep race of the Peony Stakes, the first jewel of the Turf Oaks and the third jewel of The Goldikova Classic have been added to the stake schedule. The Pink Bonnet Stakes, an existing Grade II race for three-year-old fillies, will be bumped up to Grade I status with an increased purse, a slightly longer distance and will be the second jewel of the series.

The TTT races are already available on the schedule and we will be penciling in the sixteen other races soon. We reached out to the EQ community for some suggestions on race names, as we wanted to honor some of the fantastic fillies and mares we have seen over the years by naming these races after them. The response was phenomenal and our video announcement, as well as this thread, contains the selected names we will be using. Congratulations to the connections of those amazing fillies and mares, who will be immortalized in EQ with a race named in their honor!

In addition to the graded stake changes, we will also see changes to our claiming races this season. The $20,000 and $30,000 claiming races have been dropped, as they were lightly used, and we have adjusted the $60,000 claiming level to be completely Optional Claiming $60,000 for all ages. Since we previously offered random $60,000 races as optional claimers for two-year-olds, we will now be offering random $50,000 claiming races as optional races for them, instead. This change comes as a result of the increasing competition in the higher levels, to provide everyone with some additional, safe, options to run their horses.

The update also touched on our new platform, which has been in development for approximately a year at this point. We have been hard at work to rebuild Equination from the ground up so that we can provide everyone with a far more efficient game and to support enhancements that we currently do not have the capacity for. The new platform will come with a brand new look and feel to the site and will be 100% mobile friendly. One of the main goals of the new look and feel is to make things far easier for everyone to navigate around the site and take care of your horses. A couple of items about the new platform were shared including: reduction of clicks throughout the site - we are aiming to make it easier to take care of things without leaving a page and by cutting the number of clicks it takes to accomplish something by more than half, if we can; master user accounts for those who have multiple stables where they can quickly and easily swap between stables without having to log in or out. There are, of course, a lot more really exciting things to come with this new platform and it will pave the way for greater scalability and enhancements in the future.

The aim at the moment is to complete development and allow for more testing during the course of the next two months and our tentative launch is early September.

Congratulations to everyone on a fantastic April to June 2016 season and best of luck in the June to September 2016 season! If anyone has any questions, comments or concerns regarding any of these changes, the new platform, or anything EQ-related, please feel free to register on the forums and post there or, email Jackie directly.

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  1. Kwik Kiwi - 130.44
  2. Fonso - 129.82
  3. Its A Raptor Trap - 129.51
  4. Dancing Dynamite - 129.17
  5. Margura - 128.57
  6. Xiapei - 128.40
  7. Wildcat Season - 128.30
  8. TheFallBeforeTheEnd - 128.25
  9. Burnley GB - 128.24
  10. Cats Coorinoora - 128.10
  11. Redd's Tone Down The Rowdy - 127.69
  12. Subaru - 127.55
  13. Wally Hammond - 127.42
  14. Mile High Expectations - 127.30
  15. HezaZippinInSilence - 127.25
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